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sustain-live-icon-rgb-webWould you like your business to:

  • Cut costs and increase profit margins?
  • Attract and retain the best staff?
  • Have an easily recognised & respected brand?
  • ‘Walk the talk’ and ensure your business reflects your values.

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes are proven to do all of these things, as many business leaders from around the world have already discovered. Isn’t it about time your business also benefited?

“I think that the world has reached a tipping point now. We’re beyond the debates over whether [addressing sustainability] is something that needs to be done or not – it’s now mostly about how we do it. And from the perspective of ecomagination, it’s not about altruism; it’s about creating value.” Steve Fludder, Ecomagination, General Electric

What does Sustain-Live do?

Small to medium sized businesses and organisations can still gain value from sustainability programmmes but often don’t have the time, in-house skills or capacity to research and develop it. This is where we come in… Our work – to help businesses and organisations become more sustainable – falls into three broad areas:


download (2)In most organisations major operational change requires a fundamental shift in culture. We work with all your staff to roll out our Sustainability Change Management Process using trusted and proven methodologies to reorient the vision, goals and guiding principles of your business or organisation toward achieving sustainability. Based on your business or organisational needs – using scientific sustainability principles – we identify the relevant issues and goals, working with you to develop the most useful framework, criteria and actions in order to achieve them. Ensuring the right people, processes and structures are in place to ensure success.

Case Study – Vision & Strategy

Sustainability Reporting, Framework & Standards

“Vision 2050 is a picture of the best possible outcome for the human population and the planet it lives on over the next four decades. That outcome would be a planet of around 9 Billion people all living well – with enough food, clean water, sanitation, shelter, mobility, education and health to make for wellness – within the limits of what this small, fragile planet can supply and renew, every day.” Vision 2050 project, World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)


20151126_113351People are key to our approach, as no-one individual, organisation or country can do it alone. So although environmental sustainability provides many of the outcomes we need, ultimately the solutions are driven by people through ‘systems-thinking’, values and collaboration. Working together with all your stakeholders to find practical, effective and affordable solutions to the challenges we all face on a daily basis, on personal, group and global levels.

Case Study – Stakeholder Engagement

Case Study – Awareness Raising & Communications

“We have a very strong culture. People who work at Patagonia are very much aligned with the values of the company, and I think that makes the organization extremely strong and effective because we have that alignment and the alignment is about a much more than just matching profits. That’s sort of my approach. I feel really strongly about that. If you don’t accept the status quo and always be inventive and experiment and explore, I think that’s a big part of the spirit of Patagonia.” Rose Marcario, CEO Patagonia


spt1208_02There is a deep link between brand value and sustainability practice. The corporate world has embraced corporate social responsibility (CSR) but this non-financial practice and reporting shouldn’t just benefit only large companies. We help SME’s to learn from the innovation and sustainability best practice already embedded in both the corporate world and third sector. We work with you to develop the project from initial idea to implementation and successful completion – to help you deliver your new sustainability vision and strategy!

Case Study – Workshops & Training

Case Study – Project Management & Delivery

“In the world we are now entering, it is not only the mindset of multi-national businesses that needs to change, but the skill set of the people we employ. Corporate social responsibility -having a positive impact on society – is no longer an optional add-on. It is an integral part of business strategy and business practice.” Patrick Cescau, group president, Unilever

What is Sustainable Development?

11951379_10153781963434665_9086519368341164649_nSustainable Development is a road map, an action plan, for achieving sustainability in any activity that uses resources. As such it is the organising principle for sustaining finite resources necessary to provide for the needs of future generations of life on the planet. It is a process that envisions a desirable future for human societies in which living conditions and resource-use continue to meet human needs without undermining the ‘integrity, stability and beauty’ of natural and social systems.

“‘Sustainability’ as a discipline refers to humanity’s rapidly-evolving response to the urgent planetary challenges we all face.”

Sustainability Principles & Practice, Margaret Robertson

But firstly what does sustainability really mean?

At its core, the word ‘sustainability’ refers to systems and processes that are able to operate and persist on their own over long periods of time. As a discipline the concept of sustainable development became common language at the World’s first Earth Summit in Rio in 1992, to describe humanity’s rapidly evolving response to the urgent planetary challenges we all face.

“Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

Bruntland Report for the World Commission on Environment and Development (1992)

Ultimately it is a process, and not a final destination, and what matters are the systems we create and the choices we make on a daily basis.


What is Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR? 

CSR – a business term for sustainability – might simply be defined as “using the power of business to create a better world”.  It is a management approach whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns into their business operations and interactions with their stakeholders. CSR is generally understood as being the way through which a company achieves a balance of economic, environmental and social imperatives (“Triple-Bottom-Line- Approach”), while at the same time addressing the expectations of shareholders and stakeholders.

“Corporate sustainability means balancing environmental stewardship, social well-being, and economic prosperity while driving toward a goal of long-term success for the health of the company and its stakeholders. A sustainable corporation is transparent in its management of these responsibilities and is held accountable to its stakeholders for its results.”

Mainstreaming Corporate Sustainability, Suzanne Farver

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