We have a strong track record for delivering high quality & innovative sustainable development projects and programmes, with our speciality being in food and farming. These have all been delivered to time and budget, for a wide range of clients and funders. These have ranged from three – six month projects with a £5- £50K budget to 5 year programmes worth up to £10 million. 

 Making Local Food Work

Clients: Plunkett Foundation, Sustain, Soil Association

Alison, Bonnie and Traci of Sustain-Live were all involved in managing and delivering Making Local Food Work (MLW) programme – led by Plunkett Foundation – which supported the development of community food enterprises (or social enterprises) across England. MLFW was an unprecedented programme that drew together leaders from the social enterprise, co-operative, and local food sectors on a scale never before seen. Between 2007 and 2012 it supported 1,600 community food enterprises to be more sustainable, helping 7,289 producers, 10,033 volunteers, and 6,623 employees, reaching 3.8 million customers.

Skills and outcomes involved in Project Managing the England-wide Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) strand of the Soil Association’s 5-year support programme, included:
• Bringing a £1 million project to successful completion with all targets exceeded.
• Managing a skilled team of 6 people, some of whom worked remotely and part-time.
• Working closely with partners and and developing new relationships.
• Planning and delivering workshops, presentations and national conferences.
• Strategic project planning, seeking out new opportunities and funding.
• Managing and monitoring budgets.
• Setting up systems and reporting procedures; risk assessment.
• Designing project evaluation, including writing briefs and calls for tender.
• Contact with the media, liaising with Press team, website development and social media.

Food Plymouth Action PlanDEAL – Economic Development of Local Food

Clients: Soil Association, Food Plymouth 

Traci Lewis developed two EU Interreg funded programmes with English and French partners – on behalf of the Soil Association and Food Plymouth – to support delivery of the Food Plymouth Sustainable Food City Action Plan.  This involved developing the initial idea, partnership and funding, along with actual delivery of the project which involved: Hosting Steering Group meetings and training for partners, developing local food conference and activities eg. Plymouth Food Expo, Good Food Map and Plymouth Food Awards; to support economic development of local food in Plymouth.

Traci has been an outstanding person to work with. She has taken on all her roles in the Soil Association with the same extraordinary creativity, energy and can-do attitude, is a great team player and project manager and a consummate professional in everything she does. Traci combines passion for her work with a light hearted joyfulness and I have absolutely no reservations about saying that anyone who employs her will be glad to have done so.

All of Traci’s projects met or exceeded delivery targets. She designed, developed and delivered a variety of projects from initial funding application to final report working with a wide range of organisations, sectors and funders including Objective One, South West Regional Development Agency, South West Food and Drink, EU Interreg and Big Lottery.“  Tom Andrews, Sustainable Food City Director, Soil Association


Would you like help developing and delivering your project? Any job – big or small – will be treated with the same professionalism, creativity and enthusiasm. Contact Traci Lewis at traci@sustainlive.org  to find out how we can help you deliver your project.