We are really excited to be working with The Natural Step – international sustainable development organisation, with over 25 years of practical experience coaching sustainability champions – to offer you the unique opportunity to take their combined Level 1 and 2 sustainability strategy training course in the UK.

sustain-live-hero-wind-turbinesTHE CONTEXT – SUSTAINABILITY
:  Sustainability is about creating the kind of world we want for ourselves, our neighbours, and future generations. Today’s most innovative leaders know that incremental change is not going to be enough. By charting a sustainable path forward, they are helping their organisations mitigate risk and capture opportunity. Organisations as diverse as Nike, the City of Eindhoven, and Carillion PLC are using The Natural Step’s strategic approach to sustainability to transform the way they make decisions and plan for the future.

download (2)The Natural Step supports leaders* in developing the knowledge, skills and tools they need to take bold steps toward sustainability. We use a comprehensive framework that helps people answer the question “How do I know when my organisation is sustainable?” and take step-by-step actions to move toward sustainability. The approach helps make the best use of existing tools and leverages the creativity and ingenuity of organisations to achieve tangible progress and bottom line results.

* A leader is anyone with the passion, courage and competence to step out and make a difference.

COURSE OVERVIEW LEVEL 1: This intensive 1-day practical course is designed to give you a solid grounding in a proven framework and planning methodology used to guide sustainability change efforts and to identify key messages to communicate to build organisational buy-in.

images (7)While this course provides a foundational knowledge of the core concepts of sustainability and the Natural Step Framework – also known as Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development – the focus is on participation and practical experience with plenty of opportunities for dialogue and hands-on application.

This course is a prerequisite for The Natural Step’s advanced Certificate Course in Sustainability and Change (Level 2). All participants who successfully complete this course will receive a certificate of completion. For more information about The Natural Step and its course offerings, please visit:

:  This course is geared towards experienced sustainability professionals, managers, analysts, academics, and consultants who want to deepen their learning, regarding their application of The Natural Step Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development, and enhance their ability to integrate sustainability meaningfully into organisations. Course participants will plunge deeply into sustainability planning, implementation and analysis while applying their learning in a field of their choosing through project work.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: This course is aimed at existing and emerging sustainability practitioners who want to gain the knowledge, skills and tools to take a strategic, systems approach to communicating, planning and actioning sustainability within their organisations and communities.

091We encourage participation from a wide range of sectors and perspectives since this will enrich the dialogue and opportunities for peer learning. Participants will include leaders and champions from:
• Corporations
• Small to medium sized businesses
• Government organisations and Local Authorities • Consultancies
• Universities
• Non-profit organisations.

ATTENDING LEVEL 1: As specific outcomes of this comprehensive course, you will gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to:

• Apply a strategic systems perspective to sustainability,
grounded in both natural and social sciences, systems thinking, organisational learning and change, and business strategy (The Natural Step Framework)
• Plan for success, using a strategic sustainability planning process and apply some of the key steps in practice
• Effectively present the concept of sustainability and The Natural Step Framework to your key stakeholders, including key messages regarding the business case.

As part of the course you will also have the opportunity to:
• Gain access to templates, tools and resources to use in your 
own work
• Hear real life stories and lessons learned from an organisation 
that has been integrating sustainability and The Natural Step 
Framework into its vision, strategy and operations
• Share, learn and stay connected with a diverse network of 
fellow practitioners
• Obtain a 1 year license to The Natural Step’s award winning 
eLearning programs as part of your registration – worth £60.

images (5)ATTENDING LEVEL 2:  
In this course you will:
• Conduct a Sustainability Value Assessment of your business, 
community, or organisation
• Strategise how to mobilize colleagues, address objections, 
and get buy-in to advance sustainability in your business, 
community, or organisation
• Practice an elevator pitch to make the case for sustainability
• Explore the ecological and social science basis of The Natural 
Step Framework
• Reframe your organisation’s purpose in terms of meeting Basic 
Human Needs
• Situate The Natural Step Framework vis-à-vis other sustainability 
• Practice techniques for facilitating a sustainability change.

The quality of the content of TNS sustainability education is unsurpassed. I have studied sustainability formally in my Master’s and Doctoral studies at the University of Toronto, through research for my three books, and through attendance at hundreds of conferences on the subject. 
The TNS framework is the most rigorous, scientifically- 
based, and practical sustainability methodology 
on the planet.” 
Bob Willard, author of the Sustainability Champions Guidebook, The Sustainability Advantage and The Next Sustainability Wave, and 6-year TNS Canada Board Member


imagehandler13-15th June 2016;  THE CREATE CENTRE, Smeaton Rd Bristol, BS1 6XN, United Kingdom

For more information please contact:    Traci Lewis,

COURSE PREPARATION: To ensure that all participants share common references and understanding, a 1-hour online course is a prerequisite (or equivalent foundational knowledge). As a group, this will allow us to delve deeper into the core concepts of sustainability and to spend more time on hands-on skill building. An eLearning password will be sent to you shortly after registering for the course. To learn more about The Natural Step’s eLearning courses, please visit: www.

REGISTRATION AND TERMS OF PAYMENT: To register please visit: and click on the registration link. Payment can be made online using a credit card, or we can send you an invoice upon your registration.

To ensure a high quality learning experience the course will be limited to 25 participants. You will receive a confirmation of your spot in the course upon the receipt and processing of your registration and payment. A second email, with a detailed course outline and logistical information (including a list of accommodation options) will be sent to you prior to the start of the course.

All cancellations must be received in writing. The amount paid, minus a 15% processing fee, will be refunded for all cancellations received 15 days prior to the course. No refunds will be granted for cancellations received within less than 15 days of the course start date. You may arrange for a substitute participant at any time prior to the course. However, we will not be able to accommodate dietary restrictions or special need requirements unless we receive a written notice of the substitution 7 business days in advance of the course start date.

The challenge for the Nike team is to make sure people are able to images (1)translate [sustainability] into actionable, practical steps. The beauty of The Natural Step is that it is a step by step process, so you can drill down from the big vision and ask what are the things we already have going on that are taking us in the right direction, what is going on that takes us in the exact opposite direction that we may want to rethink, and what are the innovations that we need to look for?” Sarah Severn. Director Corporate Responsibility Horizons at Nike

As we climb mount Sustainability, with the four system conditions of The Natural Step at the top, we are doing better than ever on bottom line business.’ Ray Anderson, former President, Founder and CEO, Interface. Inc.

TNS_logo_swirl_n_text_BLK_rgb_ENG.eps (1)ABOUT THE NATURAL STEPThe Natural Step is an international not-for-profit organisation that provides training, coaching and advice on how to advance the practice of sustainability and thereby accelerate the transition towards a sustainable future. Our mission is to connect every leader with the inspiration and education they need to integrate economic, environmental and social priorities into their planning and decision making. We offer a clear, compelling, science-based understanding of sustainability and a practical strategic planning framework to help organisations make the choices that will move them toward sustainability.

Founded in 1989 in Sweden by Dr. Karl-Henrik Robèrt, The Natural Step now has officces in 11 countries and is active in 54 countries. The Natural Step Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development is being used internationally by thousands of organisations, including Fortune 500 companies, government departments, universities, municipalities and small and medium-sized businesses in their respective journeys to sustainability.

For more information about The Natural Step, please visit:

For more information contact: Traci, 07870 268 654

The Natural Step is a lucid, science- based way to marry sustainability with value. Now we have practical examples of how leading businesses are using its principles to create exceptional competitive advantage.”
Amory B. Lovins, Cofounder, Chairman and Chief Scientist, Rocky Mountain Institute

Past Events:

Cutting through the ‘greenwash': how can sustainability add real value to your business?

–5pm, Triodos Bank, Bristol

We are running this  workshop – in collaboration with Go Green – to help you identify how your green actions can embed sustainability across your business, from cleaning supplies to coffee breaks and delivering your services.

downloadWe will be joined by local green market leaders Ecotricity – the world’s first green electricity company; and Triodos Bank – a global pioneer of sustainable banking. They will be sharing insights with us into how embedding sustainability across everything they do has lead to successful business growth.

By the end of this workshop you will have identified the next steps that will help you add value to your business, as well as ideas on how to:

  • Differentiate your brand
  • Create new innovative products & services
  • Engage and motivate your customers and workforce

BFE030This event is aimed at small and medium sized businesses and organisations. You could be either at the start of your sustainability journey or have already made changes and now want to create additional value for the business through a more strategic and integrated approach.

This session, kindly hosted by Triodos Bank is a great chance to network with other Go Green members who are facing the same challenges as you.

BOOKING HERE. Capacity is limited so make sure you book soon to secure your place!

How can you gain Business Value from CSR? An introduction to Sustainability in the Workplace

Feedback from previous delegates:
It was advantageous to have my knowledge base stretched by 2 extremely competent people who are doing as well as teaching!” Ali, Brisfest
Made me think of other ways I can improve my sustainability that I hadn’t previously thought of.” Carrie, Tree Aid.

Event location:

Engine Shed, Station Approach, Redcliffe, Bristol, BS1 6QS (near Bristol Temple Meads)

shutterstock_144483979-1424966090An informative, practical and inspiring introduction to Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the Workplace. Showing how you can gain real business value from CSR and be a force for change in 2015, Bristol’s year as European Green Capital.

Many businesses – from around the world – are realising that through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) they can be part of the solution, whilst gaining real business value from their actions. Isn’t it about time you joined them?

Do you want your business to:

  • Easily Attract & Retain Good Staff?
  • Cut Costs & Improve Profit Margins?
  • Increase Brand & Customer Recognition?

Sustainability and CSR programmes are proven to do all of these things, as many leading businesses have already discovered. Come and find out how!

Your staff will leave inspired and with a good understanding of:
Sustainable Development and CSR: What it really means and how it provides Business Value;
Key Global Reporting Frameworks & Metrics: What they are and which is the most suitable for your business;
How to develop and integrate a Sustainability Strategy:  To help you to Cut Costs, Engage Staff and Gain Brand Recognition.

_DSC4761This course is ideal for businesses at the start of their sustainability journey. However we would also welcome the opportunity to demonstrate to those already engaged, that there is real business value in developing an innovative organisation-wide vision and strategy, which is implemented and communicated across the business.

Contact:  M 07870 268 654

 Low Carbon Logistics & Distribution for Producers

Environmental   ERDF (CMYK)‘Low Carbon Logistics and Distribution for Producers’ workshop was run by Sustain-Live on behalf of UWE’s Environmental iNet.  The iNet supports innovative small and medium enterprises in the South West to deliver environmental benefits.

BFE003 TGL StrawberriesGetting product to customers still poses one of the biggest challenges for rural producers; logistics must be cost effective, whilst meeting customer expectations in a highly competitive market place. All within a framework of the need to reduce carbon emissions and respond to rapidly changing legislation and technology. Meaning producers have to respond with increasing innovation and efficiency just to stay in business. This two day event explored low carbon challenges and opportunities for local producers and businesses.


Global to Local, Richard Baines, RAU  Bristol workshop 2015 (1)

Policy & Market Drivers, Traci Lewis, Sustain-Live Market and consumer dynamics

Public Sector Procurement, Christine Storry  CStorry.Publicsector

Collaboration, Traci Lewis Collaboration

Fresh Range, Rich Osborn

Low Carbon Solutions, Traci Lewis  Day2.LowCarbonCaseStudies

Thank you very much to speakers, venues and to everyone who attended and contributed to such an interesting event.

This event took place at:

10am – 4pm, 16th April, Royal Agricultural University (RAU), Cirencester
10am – 4pm, 20th April, University of the West of England (UWE), Bristol.

For any queries contact   M 07870 268 654