e9d459d1-069d-45de-bc47-a908de57818aThe new U Lab ‘From Ego to Eco System Economies’ starts  20th April. The Bristol hub will be meeting at City Hall on 26th April, 18th May and 15th June, for more info visit our FB page MITxULab SW Hub

Each session will focus on a key “acupuncture point” in the global economy where there is great possibility for economic and social transformation.

6d0ca36c-d290-4795-8970-176421223208Additionally the U Lab team will be introducing new collaborative technologies, including a redesigned online space, that will make it easier for you to connect to other u.lab participants in your own communities and around the world. To sign up and take part visit their new Presencing Institute site http://presencing.org

This is designed to be a new online-to-offline platform that will help the emerging global movement for a new economy to see itself, to learn from the most successful innovations and initiatives, and to engage in focused sharing of methods and tools.

It will offer monthly interactive live broadcasts from MIT, featuring stories and living examples from around the world. In each session they will present an inspiring case or two, engage in mindfulness moments, and create global-to-local dialogue practices that allow us to connect to each other in small groups.

 “In this new u.lab offering, we will offer stories, strategies, and concepts that will open your mind and heart to new ways of thinking, collaborating and leading change in three domains:
1. The future of work & local economies
2. The future of finance & climate initiatives
3. The future of learning and creativity
Importantly, what we’re offering here is not a course but rather a prototype that aims to spark a new conversation and new actions in each of these domains. If it’s successful, we plan to evolve it into a course (or a set of courses) that will be offered through edX starting in 2018.”

header_u-lab_x0_v6_1_We look forward to meeting ‘U-labbers’ old and new in Bristol. There is also a group in Stroud .  https://www.facebook.com/groups/U.LabBristolHub/

However the good news is that even if you don’t have a local group anyone can access the community and resources online. For more information visit:


Any queries contact me: Traci Lewis, traci@sustainlive.org